Hey guys: I found this article about the San Francisco Giants and the first results of All-Star voting. I recommend reading it! Sincerely, Mauricio Antonio Flores Hernández.

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San Francisco Giants fans should be ashamed.

The first results of All-Star voting was released Tuesday and two Giants — catcher Buster Posey and third baseman Pablo Sandoval — lead their position in NL voting.

After last season, when the Giants had three players voted as NL All-Star starters and several other less-than-deserving players finish high at their position in the voting, the first release of numbers may be a surprise.

Only two Giants lead their positions? Well, actually, several Giants are faring well in early voting in 2013. Three players — Marco Scutaro, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt — are second at their position. Hunter Pence is sixth among outfielders.

Buster Posey is the leading vote-getter among NL players, by almost 100,000 votes over Atlanta’s B.J. Upton.

Generally, the biggest movement in vote totals comes in the final week of ballotting. But so far in the early going, the…

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